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    MAG 35 & 45 Manual Card Creaser

    There are two models to choose from either the MAG 35 up to SRA3 size 350mm crease or the MAG 45 SRA2 size 450mm crease. Both models are multi-functional manual creasing machines producing either a single crease or double book cover creasing using a clever back stop. The MAG 35 & 45 card creaser will efficiently creases paper and card up to 350gsm. The fibre in the card is compressed between creasing rule and matrix. The steel rule forces the card into the matrix channel bonding the fibres together and the crushing action is a process proven to eliminate cracking. The creaser is made of all steel construction for years of productive use. The handle is centre positioned for left handed or right handed use. The MAG 35 & 45 is ideal for creasing card, laminated material, menus, folders, CD/DVD inlays, scrapbooking and general print finishing from both digital and litho print.
    • MAG 35 up to SRA3 / MAG 45 up to SRA2
    • Crease width of MAG 35 is 350mm / MAG 45 is 450mm
    • Interchangeable die system for double book cover creasing
    • All metal construction
    • Fast, easy setup with indicator scale showing crease positions
    • Ideal for both digital and litho print
    • Ergonomically designed
    • Creases up to 350gsm paper

     Ideal for:

    • Card cover
    • High gloss covers
    • Thick covers for booklets
    • Christmas cards
    • Menus> Laminated/Encapsulating