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    Ideal 5009-C/C Shredder

    The IDEAL 5009-2-C/C is the ultimate shredding machine for companies that wish to keep this activity as an in-house operation. The 500mm wide mouth feed and powerful shredding action can cope with even lever arch files in their entirety. Tempered steel shafts and 9kW motors turn everything into particles of 8 x 40-80mm particles, which can be delivered on an optional conveyor from the rear of the shredder into an extra collection bag to allow non stop operation.

    Why Buy?
    This is the shredder for really high volume work and where there may not be time or resource to extract documents from loaded files. All can be destroyed in house without the risk associated with entrusting this to an external organisation. Despite the huge capacity, the IDEAL 5009-2-C/C is easy and safe to use, though it requires three-phase electricity to drive the 9kW motors and the tempered steel cutting shafts. The optional exit conveyor and collection bag allows the shredder to run without stopping.
    The cross cutting action of the IDEAL 5009-2-C/C chews anything into small particles, even complete lever arch files, so there is no need to separate file and contents before feeding into the shredder. A two speed motor automatically selects the best speed for the paper being fed. A cut out prevents overfeeding. The shredder will stoop automatically for paper jams or when the internal shred bag is full. Central lubrication system is standard as is the safety lock and key system.


    • High capacity shredder
    • Conveyor feed with extra side table
    • Accepts up to 700 pages at once
    • Indicators for operational status
    • 300 litre capacity bin
    • Optional exit conveyor
    • Security Level P2 or P3
    • Central lubrication system
    • Cut out prevents overfeeding
    • Safety lock, emergency cut off switch
    • 5 year guarantee on cutting shafts