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    Ideal 4108 Shredder

    The IDEAL 4108 replaces the IDEAL 4107 which has been discontinued. It has been developed with the volumes of shredding that a central document disposal operation can expect to deal with. It has a conveyor infeed to take continuous streams of material for destruction. Equally the 300 litre capacity collection bin is suited to this style of operation. Easy to use controls, a powerful motor, and safety features that include safety lock on the main switch and automatic cut off at several points make this the sort of unit that meets the needs of any corporate office.

    Why Buy?
    Centralised shredding ensures that assured destruction of all documentation is possible to maintain corporate security. The IDEAL 4108 provides a highly effective shredding resource for an internal operation not wanting to trust destruction of unwanted documents to an outside provider. It is simple to operate, and with conveyor feed to accept crumpled paper from waste bins, versatile enough to ensure that all paper documentation can be destroyed. The cross cut versions offer higher levels of security reassurance by reducing material to smaller particles. The 690mm wide feeder accepts all types of paper to 110 sheets of 70gsm paper delivered from a continuous running conveyor.
    The 300 litre collection bin is mounted on casters for easy removal even when full. Photocell triggers the motor when paper is fed and stops motor when no paper is detected. The machine is stopped when doors are opened and when the bin is full. Conveyor feed makes for easy loading. Powerful three-phase motor copes with any task while hardened steel shafts are guaranteed for five years use. Central lubrication removes a task from the operator. Safety lock and automatic stop add an extra level of secure operation.


    • High capacity shredder
    • Conveyor feed with extra side table
    • Feed width of 410mm
    • Indicators for operational status
    • 300 litre capacity bin
    • Illumination of the working area, the conveyor belt is illiminated by LEDs
    • Security Levels P2, P3
    • Central lubrication of cutting shafts
    • Automatic standby after 30 minutes
    • Easy access to collection bin
    • Safety lock, emergency cut off switch
    • 2 year guarantee on cutting shafts
    • Dimensions H-1440 x W-1240 x D-1700mm
    • Weight 357kg