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    Ideal 4005 Shredder

    The IDEAL 4005 shredder is a powerful top of the line office machine that comes in five variants offering levels of security to the highest level 6 where the smallest particles are collected for safe disposal in high capacity 165 litre bin. The IDEAL 4005 features automatic lubrication of the shredding shafts and an indicator to show how much capacity remains in the bins. At the same time operation is simple via Easy Switch control and safe via the Safety Protection System. A transparent flap over the 405mm opening prevents unwanted material feeding into the shredder.

    Why Buy?
    The IDEAL 4005 is up to any office shredding task, with versions offering the highest level of security for accounts or HR information that needs to be destroyed. The 165 litre capacity bin reduces the amount of attention needed, with electronic indication of remaining space in the bins helping schedule the emptying cycle. Operation is simple thanks to Easy Switch which starts the motor when the photo cell detects paper. After 1 hour unused, the unit will power down to save energy.
    This is a high capacity shredder with features to minimise operator checking. There is visual indication of the capacity remaining in the collecting bin, and a self lubrication system for the cutting shafts. A further indicator shows when the oil bottles needs to be changed. The Easy Switch controls the operation of the IDEAL 4005 shredder, providing a visual indication of its operating status. The safety flap prevents unwanted items entering the shredder while automatic stop functions are activated when the paper jams, when the door is opened or when the 165 litre bin is full. The 405mm opening will accept up to 55 sheets of 70gsm paper as well as sheets up to a full A3 wide. The 1600w motor and gearbox are enclosed to prevent contamination by paper dust. The bag is suspended on a supported pull out mechanism for easy unloading of filled bags.


    • 165 litre capacity bag
    • Quiet but powerful 1600w motor
    • 405mm wide feeder
    • Safety Protection System
    • Cutting shafts guaranteed for five years
    • Capable of shredding CDs
    • Electronic indication of remaining bin capacity
    • 6mm wide strips on standard model
    • Security Levels P2, P4, P5, P6, P7
    • Self lubricating shredding shafts
    • Takes up to 55 sheets 70gsm A4