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    Ideal 2503 Shredder

    The IDEAL 2503 is an office shredder able to cope with CDs as well as paper materials. It is designed for easy, safe operation through an Easy Switch feature which indicates the operational status of the shredder and a number of automatic stop functions to prevent accidents or problems occurring. Chief of these is the transparent safety flap which guards the opening to the shredder to prevent the unintended entry of fingers, clothing and the like. A cross cutting version increases the security of shredding by cutting paper into 4 x 40mm or even smaller 2 x 15mm particles to meet the requirements of level P4 and level P5 of the Security standard. A 100 litre bin allows for considerable use before the bag needs to be replaced.

    Why Buy?
    The IDEAL 2503 shredder allows companies to introduce an awareness of the confidential nature of internal information and the secure disposal of documentation that would otherwise be sent via non-secure channels. The ease of operation encourages widespread use while safety aspects ensure that the shredder is not difficult to operate while its quiet running motor ensures that nor is intrusive in use.
    The IDEAL Easy Switch controls the operation of the IDEAL 2503 shredder, providing a visual indication of its status. The safety flap prevents unwanted items entering the shredder while automatic stop functions are activated when the paper jams, when the door is opened or when the 100 litre bag is full. On stand by mode, the shredder begins operation when the photo cell detects paper and stops again when the paper has been fed. The 260mm opening will accept up to 23 sheets of 70gsm paper.


    • Group shredding
    • 100 litre capacity bag
    • Quiet but powerful 580w motor
    • 260mm wide opening
    • Safety Protection System
    • Cutting shafts guaranteed for five years
    • 4mm wide strips
    • Capable of shredding CDs
    • Security Levels P2, P4, P5