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    Ideal 2445 Shredder

    The IDEAL 2445 desk-side shredder replaces the Ideal 2360 series. It offers high performance in an office shredder that is capable of reducing paper to the finest particle size for the ultimate in security. It is also convenient and safe to use thanks to the IDEAL Safety Protection System with transparent safety flap and automatic stop if paper jams, when the collection bag is full or when the door is opened. Versions include standard strip cutting, two levels of cross-cutting and micro cutting. The last delivers 0.8 x 5mm particles to meet the requirements of level P7 of the Security standard. The shredder is mounted on casters for ease of movement.

    Why Buy?
    The IDEAL 2445 is a powerful desk-side shredder which is capable of shredding documents to micro particle size so dealing with the most sensitive of documents. It is robust enough to cope with paper clips, though not in micro cut mode. Safety features ensure that operating the IDEAL 2445 is simple and requires no further instruction. The Easy Switch shows the status of the shredder at all times. It is mounted on casters for further convenience.
    Operation is through the multifunction Easy Switch which changes colour and display to indicate the operational status of the shredder. The shredder will stop automatically in the case of a paper jam, door being opened or the 35 litre capacity bin being filled. The 240mm opening accepts up to 21 sheets of 70 gsm paper. The 390w motor and gearbox is fully enclosed to prevent contamination by paper dust.


    • Easy Switch operation shows status of shredder
    • Transparent safety flap
    • Options for cross cut and micro cut
    • 5 year guarantee on cutting shafts
    • Shafts are paper clip proof
    • 35 litre shredded material capacity
    • Automatic cut offs for jams, filled bins and opened door
    • Strip cut at 4mm (P2)
    • Cross cut to 4 x 40mm (P4) or 2 x 15mm (P5)
    • Micro cut to 0.8 x 12mm (P6), Super Micro cut to 0.8 x 5mm (P7)
    • Dimensions H-635 x W-395 x D-291mm
    • Weight 21kg