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    Ideal 2220 Shredder

    The IDEAL 2220 is a compact entry-level shredder designed to fit alongside an office desk and to carry out on the spot shredding of paper documents. The cutting shafts, which slice a document into 4mm strips, have a five year guarantee. They are robust enough to cope with staples or paper clips that may be included accidentally with the document. A safety flap removes the risk of accidental ingress of fingers or ties.

    Why Buy?The IDEAL 2220 is a simple to use shredder suited to instant shredding of documents and it meets security level P2 standards. It is simple and safe to use with electronic cut off should anything unexpected be fed into the machine. Should there be a jam, the shredder stops automatically. A 20 litre capacity bag for the shredded paper is easy to remove.
    A three-way rocker switch controls the IDEAL 2220 shredder, making operation simple and safe. The safety flap is transparent to show what is happening without the need for further investigation, while removing the 20-litre capacity bag is simple. The cutting shafts have a five-year guarantee and are able to cope with paper clips. There is a dual motor to prevent overheating and the gearbox is sealed to prevent contamination by paper dust.


    • Transparent safety flap prevents unwanted items reaching cutting shafts
    • Five year cutting shaft guarantee
    • 4mm cut meets Security level P2
    • Three position operating switch
    • 20 litre capacity bin
    • Ultra quiet motor
    • Up to 13 sheets 70gsm feed