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    Ideal 0201 OMD CD Shredder

    With the innovative high security shredder IDEAL 0201 OMD, we bring you a special solution for the shredding of optical data carriers. By means of its very high shred speed and its high-capacity cutting mechanism, efficient and top-secret destruction of CDs and DVDs is ensured. The full steel cutting shafts made of special hardened steel produce small particles of 2.2 x 4 mm, which correspond to the high security requirements according to BSI â TL 03420 and the North American NSA/CSS 04-02 standard. Its very powerful 1600Watt, single-phase motor capable of continuous operation, permits shredding of up to 2,500 CDs or DVDs per hour.

    Why Buy?
    The low-cost, easy availability and high data storage capacity of modern optical media devices mean they are commonly used for storing vast amounts of data. Once this data is no longer required it can be very difficult to dispose of it without risk that the data carriers fall into the wrong hands. The 0201 OMD provides a fast and easy way to prevent any data security breaches and can be easily located next to your regular office shredder.
    There is no faster or more secure commercially available way to dispose of sensitive optical media data carriers.


    • CDs/DVDs/Blue-ray discs destroyed
    • Tiny 0.2 x 4 mm particles produced
    • The ultimate in optical data security