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  • ID 250U Twin Spindle Unlimited Margin Paper Drill

    ID 250U twin spindle bench top paper drill with unlimited back margin. Includes a 6mm drill bits, base board and full instruction manual.

    This paper drill ideal if you have a requirement to drill in the middle of a sheet. Most paper drills have a back stop that only goes to around 60-80mm.

    Single hole drilling simply by removing second drill bit.

    To save energy the motor auto stops at the rest position and only runs when the handle is pulled down. It's capable of drilling up to a full ream 500 sheets of paper. The paper drill bits are available in sizes from 3 to 10mm. 

    It's the ideal paper drill for printers, reprographic departments, schools/colleges and offices.

    • Drill depth 50mm (500 sheets).
    • Easy adjustment of the drill depth.
    • Removable back margin guide for unlimited back margin. Ideal for long size paper.
    • Power saving, motor only runs when lever is pulled.
    • Sliding table. Table size = 460mm x 570mm.
    • Pre-programmed hexagonal pitch bar with five preset hole patterns.
    • 80mm fixed pitch.
    • Max stack height 50mm
    • Ideal for multi-hole drilling.
    • Takes drill bit sizes 3-10mm.
    • Teflon coated drill bits available to aid drilling of difficult stock.

    Please note there is a lead time for this paper drill.