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Horizon QC-S30 Friction Feed Collator

The Horizon QC-S30 is a ten station collator that can take sizes from A5 to SRA3. The Horizon QC-S30 has good statistics as it can collate up to 3900 sets per hour of A4 80 gsm paper. The advanced operating system of the Horizon QC-S30 detects doubles, mis-feeds and paper jams quickly and efficiently.

The OC-S30 comes standard with batching capabilities also straight or offset stacking, also an optional stands can be added to the Horizon QC-S30.


  • 10 station collator.
  • Takes A5 up to SRA3 size.
  • Up to 3900 sets per hour A4.
  • Double-feed, miss-feed and jam detectors.
  • Adjustable feed and separator pressures.
  • Counter with pre-set.
  • Straight orOffset stacking.
  • Optional stand.