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    HD650 A1 Pouch Laminator

    The Huanda HD650 for laminating up to A1 size documents. This heavy duty laminator gives you exceptionally fine and consistant finish allowing you to laminate photos and digital work to the highest quality.

    • Uses high quality components including metal gears, larger rollers and bigger motors.
    • Robust, metal casing
    • Variable temperature control
    • Anti-jam reverse mode
    • Ready light indicator
    • Carrier free operation
    • Designed for pouches up to 350 micron (2 x 175 micron per side)
    • Maximum A1 pouch thickness 250 micron (2 x 125 micron per side)
    • Max feed width - 700mm
    • Laminating speed up to 2700 mm/min
    • 10 minutes warm up time. Preheating time will vary with the ambient temperature. In general when the room temperature is higher the preheating time is less and the set temperature should be lower. (See heat setting chart below).
    • 4 Rollers. There are 4 screws under the bottom plate of the machine which are used for pressure adjustment of the front, rear, left & right sides of the rubber rollers. These screws can be adjusted when there is incomplete seling on both or one side of the pouch.
    • Dimensions - H-160mm x W-953mm x D-303mm / 50KG

    IMPORTANT: If you intend to use your laminator for the lamination of small, multiple items in a larger pouch (i.e flash cards or similar); odd-shaped items (i.e. stars, speech bubbles, etc.); or uneven items like children's artwork, collages or other uneven materials you should purchase a lifejacket pouch carrier. Failure to do so may risk jamming and damaging your laminator and invalidate your warranty.