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    HC460 Manual Card Creaser

    The hand creaser HC460 is an entry level manual card creaser designed for fast set up and easy operation. This model comes as standard with two back stops that ensure accurate and consistent results on paper and card up to 350gsm.  The handle is centre positioned for left handed or right handed use. The HC460 is ideal for creasing card, laminated material, menus, folders, CD/DVD inlays, scrapbooking and general print finishing from both digital and litho print.
    • Crease up to SRA2 size paper
    • Crease width is 450mm
    • Two adjustable stops
    • Fast, easy setup with indicator scales showing crease positions
    • Ideal for both digital and litho print
    • Ergonomically designed
    • Creases up to 350gsm paper / card
    • Eliminates card cracking. The first image below shows card that has been folded by hand vs the second image that shows the same card stock with a nice clean crease created with the HC460 manual creaser.

     Ideal for:

    • Card cover
    • High gloss covers
    • Thick covers for booklets
    • Greeting cards
    • Christmas cards
    • Invitations
    • Menus> Laminated/Encapsulating