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    Fujipla Al_Meister ALM 3222 Auto Laminator

    Take the hard work out of laminating/encapsulating with the Fujipla Al-Meister

    Automatic paper feed, Automatic trimming.

    RRP £14,000 - Call now on 01908 563149 for our best discount price.

    The Fujipla Al-Meister ALM-3222 fully automatic laminating/encapsulating machine has functions such as automatic feeding, laminating and automatic framing capabilities. This new generation auto feed laminator has had many upgrades from the very successful original ALM 3220, upgrades include:

    • Heated rollers instead of heated shoe plates for better laminating results.
    • Wider running sheet width of 330mm from the original 320mm.
    • Longer laminating length as standard for large banners or bespoke prints.
    • Micro adjusting side trimmer for even more accurate trimming on your print.
    • 25% higher productivity level compared to the original ALM 3220.

    The laminator can be left unattended leaving the operator free to do other tasks.

    The machines has an auto feeder with anti skew as standard and inline cutting for A4 and A3 sheets. SRA3 paper can be laminated allowing cutter to separate the sheets and giving two clear edges for guillotining. Fujipla films are all Super Adhesive ideal for digitally produced print and are available in Gloss and Matt and in three thicknesses 38, 78 and 125 micron.

    Double or single sided lamination.

    In fact, all operations are automatically handled. The operator simply puts the documents they would like laminating in to the feeder, pushes the start button and all the laminating work is done automatically. This is the birth of the next generation in laminating machines.

    With the Fujipla ALM 3222 every operation is automatically done including setting the film, loading could not be easier.

    Even if you are half way through an A3 size job and urgently need say an A4 no problem simply add it to the top of the feed stack and the Fujipla will take over without any resetting.

    All this makes the Fujipla ALM 3222 simple enough that anybody can operate the Almeister easily. Basic operation is very simply done with the start stop buttons. The LCD screen indicates the temperature, running speed and basic settings, once the job is complete a beep is sounded to notify the operator.

    There are 2 trimming modes, complete trimming of all 4 sides flush to the edge or leave a border on all 4 sides, all set in seconds. The Almeister automatically senses the paper and operates the internal rotary trimmer. No noise, no fuss and very little wastage.

    Perfect for short or long run on digital, litho or high volume black and white.

    Films available for double and single sided lamination, business cards can be laminated in seconds with perfect edges for cutting against.