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  • FG435-1

    Eba 435M,435E,435EP Guillotine Blade

    High quality blade (also known as a knife) to fit EBA 435M, EBA 435E and EBA 435EP models in a wooden case.

    This blade will fit the newer and older EBA models however please note you will only be able to fit 4 blade bolts on older models.

    Supplied in a secure wooden case ideal for storage and sending away safely for sharpening.

    Remember the cutting sticks will also need changing regularly, there is an option to add cutting sticks to your order, just select which option you require.

    A quality blade will give years of service.

    Always keep at least one spare blade for your guillotine. Ideal for when a blade is being sharpened or you chip a blade half way through an important job. Most copy shops and printers rotate at least three blades for their guillotine.

    Please note reduced price when ordering two blades together