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    EasyCoat System

    The new EasyCoat System can create beautiful multilayered business cards, invitations etc. Almost any printed card can be layered up to produce a thick high end finish.

    See prices further down the page for Easycoat, Easyguide, Easymount 650 and Easycoat glue.

    The EasyCoat is used to add a layer of glue to the printed sheet then add layers one-by-one to create a thick finish, different colours can be used for each layer if required creating a rainbow effect. Get creative with sandwich effects closely matching the print colour or logo. A special hot glue adhesive is used to secure each sheet with a permanent bond. The adhesive is completely Non-Hazardous and Non Toxic. As it uses a special hot melt adhesive the machine is warm when running. But the heat will not affect inkjet or laser prints.

    Each glued layer is then placed in the EasyGuide tray for fast and accurate registration of each sheet.

    The block is then sent through the EasyMount 650 machine fixing the glued layers.



    EASYCOAT £1425 (exc VAT)
    EASYGUIDE £250 (exc VAT)
    EASYMOUNT 650 £747 (exc VAT)