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    DB 290 Hot Glue Perfect Binder

    The DB-290 is the replacement for the popular DB-280 and DB-200 and boasts deceptively high production speeds capable of up to 200 books per hour. For such a small machine it offers a truly outstanding performance with Planamelt R adhesive. The new Planamelt R is a hybrid polymer glue which behaves like EVA and yet offers 95% of the binding strength of PUR (polyurethane reactive) glue.

    Perfect for the 'on demand' short run book market

    Very cheap cost per book (*Cost of glue per book) 

    User Friendly Display.  The design of the DB-290 incorporates a simple clear operating panel and LED, for single operator use.

    Binding With & Without Covers

    The DB-290 offers two binding functions in one compact unit:

    (1) Padding, ideal for telephone pads, note pads, NCR pads.
    (2)  Binding of books, manuals etc with wraparound cover (perfect bind).

    Manual, Automatic Or Padding

    The DB-290 can be set to run automatically or manually.
    In auto mode, the full benefits of the DB-290 can be realised through the automation of the clamping, release, nipping and binding functions with minimal operator intervention and maximum productivity.


    The DB-290 has a quick warm-up time of around 20-25 minutes, with a display on the LED indicating the status of the glue warm-up time (eg from Cold01 to Warm10 and finally Hot20).

    Stand-by & Self-Test

    Should the DB-290 need to be left idle for a period of time, by simply selecting the stand-by option the glue temperature lowers to avoid the burning and deterioration of the glue. When ready to use again, simply release it from stand-by at the touch of a button and within 5 to 8 minutes it will be ready.

    During initial warm-up or after stand-by, once the glue temperature has reached the ideal operating temperature, the DB-290 automatically performs a self test, stirring the glue in preparation for operation, at which point the LED will indicate 'Ready'.

    Double Glue Drums

    • Simple operating panel.
    • Up to 200 books per hour.
    • Nipping unit gives a strong square spine.
    • Spine notching with double pass for better glue penetration.
    • NEW side gluing feature performed by wheels with their own dedicated glue tank.
    • Dust extractor (optional)
    • Hot-melt glue is used to bind which dries very quickly.
    • Book thickness up to 40 mm.
    • Max book size 320mm.
    • Can be used for fast pad gluing without using covers.
    • Professional finish.

     Short video below of the DB-290 Hot Glue Perfect Binder.