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  • DB280

    Used / Pre-owned DB 280 Hot Glue Perfect Binder

    Used / Pre-owned DB 280 binder in good condition. This model is able to produce up to 200 books per hour.

    It can be set to run automatically or manually. In auto mode the full benefits are shown through the automation of clamping, release, nipping and binding functions with minimal operator intervention and maximum productivity.

    The DB 280 features two glue drums providing additional glue capacity. Combining this with a wide notching tool resuts in a more durable bind. The new Planamelt R hot melt adhesive is a hybrid polymer glue which behaves like EVA and yet offers 95% of the binding strenth of PUR (polyurethane reative) glue.

    • Max book size: 320mm (spine length) x 400mm
    • Min book size: 80mm (spine length) x 50mm
    • Max binding thickness: 40mm
    • Glue Warm up: 25 minutes
    • Glue warm up in standby mode: 5 minutes
    • Production speed:up to 200 books per hour
    • Cycle speed: up to 360 cycles per hour
    • Spine notching with double pass for better glue penetration
    • Error detection display
    • Nipping mechanism - Nipping station presses the wrap around cover on all three sides of the spine to ensure perfectly strong square spines every time
    • Can be used for fast pad gluing without using covers
    • Dimensions W-1270 x D-559 x H-483mm / Weight 120kg
    • User friendly LED display

    Produce professional soft cover binding, case binding, tape binding or padding easily with a quick push of a button.

    Perfect for the 'on demand' short run book market.

    Please note the below video is NOT the actual machine on sale this is for reference only.