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    Cyklos RPM 350 Plus Perforating Machine

    The most significant difference between the Cyklos rotary perforating machine RPM 350 Plus and the Cyklos RPM 350 is speed regulation. The RPM 350 Plus allows you to control the speed depending on paper stock. It is useful to decrease the speed for difficult stocks. With lower speed (minimum 66 sheets/min) 55-60 gsm paper (mostly NCR) stack up better on delivery table. Highest possible speed is similar to RPM 350 - 118 sheets/min. The second added feature is the digital LCD counter. You can view a short video on the Cyklos RPM-350 plus further down this page.

    • Reliable friction feeding
    • Up to 6800 sheets per hour on A4 size paper
    • Exchangeable perforating wheels
    • Includes two 11 TPI standard perfs (17 TPI micro perf available as an optinal extra)
    • Up to 5 perforators can be be fitted
    • Includes one creaser wheel
    • Telescopic feeding and delivery table
    • Takes up to SRA3 sheet size on the short edge
    • Working width 150-350mm
    • Exact paper adjusting directly towards perforating wheels
    • Fine adjustment of paper position on the feed table
    • Simple to operate
    • Minimum distance between perfs 10mm
    • Counter


    Click here for Cyklos RPM-350 Plus spare parts.

    Another video below with some set up tips...