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    Cyklos Jogga 450

    The Cyklos JOGGA 450 paper jogger is ideal for perfectly aligning up to SRA3 paper, it also removes any static and helps to dry toner or ink. It's vibration and airflow regulation remove any static and separate your sheets quickly.

    It is essential to use it before multiple print finishing processes like booklet making, creasing, binding, collating, gluing, padding, perforating etc.

    Ideal for use before loading stock into a copier or print finisher.

    • Large tilt-able tray for processing up to SRA3 (320 x 450mm) formats
    • Paper stock 50 - 400 gsm
    • Input capacity 70mm
    • Vibration regulation
    • Airflow regulation
    • Dimensions - 365 x 475 x 615mm / Weight 31,5 kg