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    Cyklos Airspeed 450

    The AIRSPEED 450 is a multifunction versatile and easy to use air feed machine for processing all types of paper or card accurately and reliably with the unique benefit of 'quick change' tooling for creasing, perforating, partial perforating and even punching for wire binding or calendar binding.

    Being able to run paper from 80-400gsm and with features that include 'cross directional' perforation, extra thin creasing and punching euroslot or wire/calendar format, gives it a unique edge and versatility in any digital print finishing environment.

    This machine comes with 2 x Creasing Tools, 1 x Perforating Tool and 1 x Rotary Perforating unit.

    • Unique air feed system feeding sheets between 80-400 gsm
    • Large work table and 456mm working width
    • Large 7" control screen with easy settings
    • Programme/Job Storage
    • Two crease width options
    • Easy exchange tooling, slide in slide out
    • Input up to 99 custom programs
    • High quality perforation
    • Skew adjustment
    • Pre set crease positions
    • Extra rotary perforation to enable cross direction
    • Batching
    • Compact footprint with mobile stand as standard
    • Optional cutting & kissing
    • Optional Punching for euroslot, 2:1 wire binding, 3:1 wire binding and Calendar wire binding
    • Optional partial perforating tool
    • Quality design and manufactured in Europe

    Optional on-line folder unit for 80- 350gsm

    • Working Width - 115-456mm
    • Width of Crease - 1.0/1.9mm
    • Min./Max. Crease Distance - 1/999mm
    • Paper Weight - 80-400gsm (creasing) 80-250gsm (perforating)
    • Max. Number of Creases per sheet - 15
    • Max Number of strike perfs per sheet -15
    • Max. No of rotary Perforating wheels with adjustable pressure - 13 (one comes as standard)
    • Pre Set Positions - 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, gate, book spine
    • Feed Capacity - 70mm
    • Speed - 3000 sheets A4/h or 4300 sheets A4/h rotary
    • Weight - Nett 140kg Gross 189kg
    • Dimensions - 1320 x 755 x 1225mm
    • Voltage/Frequency - 230v/50Hz

    Up to 13 adjustable rotary perforating wheels

    9TPI Perf Vs 30TPI Perf

    Optional partial strike perforating tool

    Partial strike kit offers many finishing options

    Airspeed feed in extension set

    Optional Airspeed Punching Tools - Click here to view