Cloth/Blind Drill Bits

Special drill bits for use with drilling cloth, blind, textiles and leather materials. The No1 UK supplier of cloth drill bits to the industry.

We supply many of the main blind manufacturers in the UK with these special bits.

Cloth Drill Bit 3mm approx drilling depth of 30mm and a total length of 75mm.

Cloth Drill Bit 4mm, 4mm TEFLON & 5mm approx drilling depth of 50mm and a total length of 85mm.

Cloth Drill Bit 5mm LONGER & 7mm LONGER approx drilling depth of 65mm and a total length of 100mm.

WARNING: The small drill bits (3 & 4mm) are extremely delicate. There are no returns for brakage on the small drill bits.

In Stock ready for delivery.