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Wohlenberg/FL/Muro/Goodhale Guillotine Cutting Sticks (Pks of 10)

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Pack of 10 cutting sticks to fit Wohlenberg, FL, Muro and Goodhale guillotines.

Width 10mm / Depth 4mm / Wavy.
For straight cutting sticks 11mm x 3mm please click here.

Please see cutting stick sizes below: Please select guillotine model from list above.

Wohlenberg 56 - 570 x 10 x 4mm
Wohlenberg 76 - 765 x 10 x 4mm
Wohlenberg 76 G - 770 x 10 x 4mm
Wohlenberg 78 GW - 790 x 10 x 4mm
Wohlenberg 92 HCS - 929 x 10 x 4mm

Please check the size of your current cutting stick to ensure you are purchasing the correct size cutting sticks.