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    Used / Pre-owned Technifold CreaseStream Mini Auto Micro-Perforator - 25mm exit shaft

    Used / Pre-owned Micro-Perforator kit to fit CreaseStream Mini Auto, including everything in the images.

    • Shaft size = 25mm / Outer diameter = 44mm.
    • Supplied with 1x 12TPI perforating blade fitted to blade holder (used for 120-300gsm paper).
    • Supplied with 1x 25TPI (used for 65-200 gsm paper).
    • Supplied with a Black nylon sleeve (used on light weight paper 65-170gsm).
    • Supplied with a Blue nylon sleeve (used on heavy stocks 200-300gsm).
    • Supplied with Male blade holder (used to hold the perforating blade whilst material is fed through) with perforator blade seal (used to support and decrease blade movement during operation).
    • Supplied with Male component (used to hold the split nylon sleeve or creasing rib) fitted with black gripper band (used to support and feed sheet through the device).