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  • USEQCUW364

    Used / Pre-owned Renz SRW-360 ComfortPlus 3:1 Electric Binder

    Used / Pre-owned Renz SRW-360 ComfortPlus, it has electric punching that is footswitch operated with a manual closer unit in excellent condition. This model has 3:1 pitch and is able to bind documents up to 135 sheets. This machine fits in with any office, copy shop or print room. It has punching pins, all of which can be disengaged to enable odd size papers to be punched. An adjustable margin control allows you to precisely punch the paper every time.

    The Renz wire binding range of machines has a great track record with our customers, are German engineered and built to last.


    • Electric punch and hand closer with wire clamp
    • Foot switch operation.
    • Punches up to 20 sheets.
    • Binds up to 135 sheets.
    • Solid construction.
    • 3:1 punch square holes.
    • Cut-off pins.