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  • Used / Pre-owned PHS 330 A3 Laminator (High Speed)

    Used / Pre-owned PHS 330 A3 Laminator.

    Built for speed, durability, reliability and capacity the Peak PHS 330 is a top of the range high speed laminator with running speeds up to 2000mm per minute. Designed for commercial use it has a simple LCD display that allows you to change the speed and temperature quickly without fuss. The Peak PHS 330 is suited to pouch laminating photos, digital prints and most unusual stocks due to the six roller technology. Laminating makes it possible for prints to be easily wiped down and sanitized.
    Ideal for copy shops, in-plants, schools, commercial printers, reprographics departments etc.

    Six roller technology giving you even laminating temperatures and pressure for a higher quality finish. 

    • Up to A3 size documents.
    • High speed up to 2000 mm per minute.
    • Up to 500 micron pouches.
    • 9 speeds.
    • LCD display.
    • Exceptionally fine and consistent quality.
    • Six rollers (4 heated).
    • Will laminate photo's, digital prints plus all usual material.
    • Heated roller system.
    • Reverse facility.
    • Energy saving sleep mode.
    • No pouch carriers needed (except for delicate items).


    Please note the below video is for reference only, NOT the actual machine on sale.