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    Sterling Padding Press Starter Kit

    Sterling padding press starter kit - includes the Sterling padding press, 5KG padding glue, separating knife & glue brush.

    This is ideal for fast reliable pad making of NCR duplicate sets, phone pads, note pads etc. The padding press is simple to use and holds up to 10,000 sheets of A4 paper or 5,000 sheets of A3 size paper. It has a stainless steel sprung clamp that securely holds your stock. The Sterling padding press has a fold down gate which is ideal for boxing up your stock. You can view a short video on how to use this padding press below.

    • Holds 10000 sheets of A4 NCR (no carbon required) paper
    • Will take up to long edge of SRA3 size (450mm)
    • Stainless steel sprung clamp
    • Fold down gate for boxing up to