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    Ideal 0101 HDP Hard Drive Punch

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    Hard drives from discarded PCs, laptops, servers, printers and copying machines pose a substantial risk to data security. People are unaware that loads of information on these apparently deleted hard drives can be reconstructed easily using free-of-charge software available on the internet. This is where the new IDEAL 0101 HDP hard drive punch, which is about the size of a standard office shredder, comes into its own. At the push of a button, a hole is punched through the hard drive rendering it unusable. This method ensures that these old hard drives containing sensitive data never endanger security or confidentiality, as they can no longer be offered on internet auction sites, at car-boot sales, or by second-hand-traders. Play safe yourself with an IDEAL 0101 HDP, and avoid the potentially damaging data risks of disused hard drives!

    Why Buy?
    Data security is one of the biggest concerns in business today. Too often hard drives containing sensitive information find their way onto auction websites, car boot sales or the black market. The HDP provides you with a way to ensure that every hard disk that leaves your premises cannot be re-sold and the data recovered.
    The one button operation allows you to drive a solid steel bolt completely through the hard drive in a safe, controlled environment. No more hammers, drills, throwing off buildings or dropping in water.


    • Suitable for 2.5" or 3.5" hard drives
    • Hard drive rendered unreadable
    • Simple user-friendly operation