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    Hinged Rings (Nickel Plated Swatch / Flip Charts Rings)

    Nickel Plated, swatch & sample hinged rings for swatches & flip charts. The rings are hinged in the centre with a strong  latch when closed. Ideal for swatches, samples and many other uses that require frequent editing.

    Potential uses include show cards, swing cards, filing rings, flip charts, scrapbooks, POS applications, pop displays, photo albums, reports, fabric swatches and many more.

    They can be used for binding paper, card, plastic, fabric, or any other material.

    Binding rings are ideal for printers, schools, workshops wishing to hold together loose items or display items.

    Binding rings are sold in many sizes from 14mm up to 76mm.

    Size = the inner diameter.

    Packed in bags of 100

    Picture as reference (Mixture of sizes)

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