Digital OPP Laminating Film

Digital OPP laminating film has very good adhesion to most digital prints for most digital outputs and will also work on litho and copier print. Coated with a more aggressive adhesive producing a 50% higher bonding strength than standard film ideal for digitally produced media that lays down fuser oil.

Ideal for single or double sided laminating.

Options available: Select options from list above.

315mm & 440mm 25mm Core/150m Gloss - 42 Micron
315mm & 440mm 25mm Core/150m Matt - 42 Micron
315mm & 440mm 77mm Core/1000m Gloss - 24 Micron
315mm & 440mm 77mm Core/1000m Matt - 27 Micron

MASSIVE 1000M ROLL - Great value for money for digital laminating film.

Prices listed are for one roll.

If multiple sizes are needed please add each size individually to your basket. E.G 2 x 315mm Digital Gloss & 2 x 440mm Digital Matt.