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    Glitter Laminating Films

    Glitter laminates will make your bespoke prints extra special. Typically used for Packaging, Business cards and stationary, High end bespoke print, Wedding stationary, party invitations etc.

    This is a glitter laminating film which can then be overprinted, an easy process with an outstanding finished effect.

    • Laminate your sheet through the Matrix
    • Overprint your image onto your glitter laminated sheet
    • Print your image using CMYK setting on your printer
    • Cut and crease your sheet to create your bespoke packaging

    315mm wide, 100 Micron, 77 Core Size, 100 Meter length. Temperature 120 degrees.

    Available in Gold and Silver, this film can work on most laminators that are able to take 77mm core size rolls.
    For more information on glitter laminates why not give us a call on
    01908 563149