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  • Magnum MC-35M Creaser / Perforator

    The Magnum MC-35M is an easy to operate semi-automatic desktop card creasing machine that is also capable of perforating. The MC-35M will produce the same high level matrix creasing as much more expensive machines. Ideal for creasing both litho or digital print.

    Equipped with interchangeable creasing/perforating dies the MC-35M can quickly switch over from perforating to creasing while preventing digital toner cracking. Up to 2220 sheets per hour can be stream-fed by hand, simply advance the sheet from the feeder tray to the input rollers and the MC-35M takes over. Very quiet machine in operation and suitable for short to medium runs of either digital print or litho.

    The Magnum MC 35M fills the gap between a manual hand lever creaser and more expensive suction feed models, its a great upgrade from a hand lever creaser.

    Up to 32 creases per sheet and a 30 programme memory.

    • Up to 2220 sheets per hour (A4 single crease).
    • Adjustable crease depth.
    • Crease width 1.0mm
    • Perforating - 12 TPI
    • From 1 - 32 creases or perforate lines per sheet.
    • 30 job programme memory.
    • Simple hand steam feed.
    • Counter up or down with preset number.
    • Eliminates fibre cracking on fold spine.
    • Takes paper between 128-350gsm (creasing) & 128-250gsm (perforating)
    • Up to SRA3 size stock.
    • Min size 50 x 90mm.
    • Max size 330 x 900mm.

    Ideal for creasing:

    • Card covers, Book covers, High gloss covers, Thick covers for booklet making, Christmas cards / Birthday Cards etc Tent cards, Order of service cards, Tri-fold brochures, Menus