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Standard Fitting HSS Paper Drill Bits

Price below includes your discount
Price: £14.31 ex VAT
(price including VAT £17.17)
Drill Bit 2mm (£25.01)
Drill Bit 2.5mm (£25.01)
Drill Bit 3mm (£15.34)
Drill Bit 3.5mm (£15.34)
Drill Bit 4mm (£14.31)
Drill Bit 4.5mm (£14.31)
Drill Bit 5mm (£14.31)
Drill Bit 5.5mm (£14.31)
Drill Bit 6mm (£14.31)
Drill Bit 6.5mm (£14.31)
Drill Bit 7mm (£14.31)
Drill Bit 7.5mm (£14.31)
Drill Bit 8mm (£14.31)
Drill Bit 8.5mm (£14.31)
Drill Bit 9mm (£16.34)
Drill Bit 9.5mm (16mm Shank) (£17.84)
Drill Bit 10mm (11mm Shank) (£16.34)
Drill Bit 10mm (16mm Shank) (£17.84)
Drill Bit 11mm (16mm Shank) (£21.18)
Drill Bit 11.5mm (16mm Shank) (£21.18)
Drill Bit 12.5mm (16mm Shank) (£21.18)
Drill Bit 13mm (16mm Shank) (£21.18)
Drill Bit 13.5mm (16mm Shank) (£21.18)
Drill Bit 14mm (16mm Shank) (£21.18)
Drill Bit 14.5mm (16mm Shank) (£21.18)
Drill Bit 15mm (16mm Shank) (£30.52)
Drill Bit 18mm (24mm Shank) (£47.52)
Drill Bit 20mm (24mm Shank) (£84.50)

Product Code: FDS-HSS

In Stock

Product Information


High quality paper drill bits made from high speed steel (HSS)

Sizes 2 - 20mm standard fitting paper drill bits will fit many makes of paper drill machines including Forest, Concord, Venus, Uchida, Babs, Morgana, Muro, Pesche, Kobold, Nagel, Citoborma, Stago, Oslo, Hang plus some other makes.


Drilling depth of 24mm and in diameter sizes 2mm - 2.5mm (Please note these drill bits are delicate).

Drilling depth of 30mm and a total length of 85mm in diameter sizes 3 - 3.5mm (Please note these drill bits are delicate).

Drilling depth of 50mm and a total length of 85mm in diameter sizes 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 11, 12.5, 13, 14 and 15mm.

Drilling depth of 62mm and a total length of 74mm in diameter size 18mm.

WARNING: The small drill bits (2mm to 4mm) are extremely delicate. There are no returns for brakage on the small drill bits.


2 - 10mm drill bits standard 11mm shank

9.5 - 15mm drill bits larger 16mm shank

18 - 20mm drill bit larger 24mm shank


Not all drills take 16mm & 24mm shanks, please check your drill takes this shank size before purchasing. Please confirm that your drill takes the larger 10 - 20mm drill bits.


Please ensure that your paper drill will take the drill bit diameter you select. Not all paper drills can take all the diameters listed.

If a mixture of sizes are required please add them to your basket individually with the quantity you require.  Please note there are different prices for each size. The cheapest paper drill bit sizes are between 4mm and 8.5mm diameter.




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