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Used / Pre-owned WireMac 3:1 Calendar Punch Wire Binder

Used / Pre-owned WireMac 3:1 SQUARE HOLE, CALENDAR PUNCH wire binding machine, easy to use and designed for regular use in any office, copy shop, school etc

Simply punch the holes and thumb-cut in one go then insert sheets and close the wire-bind with the adjustable closer, lastly snip out the centre two loops and insert the calendar hanger.

This wire binding machine can be used with any make of standard 3:1 pitch wires. Binding wires are available in 5 standard colours and 6 sizes from No4(6mm) to No9(14mm).

3:1 punching means that there are 3 hole per inch

  • Punches SQUARE HOLES and CALENDAR THUMB-CUT in one punch.
  • Punching length - Up to A4 long edge.
  • 40 punching pins - All punching pins can be independently disengaged.
  • Document thickness gauge, simply insert manual to find what size wire to use.
  • Binding thickness up to 120 sheets (80gsm).
  • Punches up to 18 sheets of 80 gsm paper.
  • Adjustable wire closer.
  • Wire holder device.
  • Side stop.