Used / Pre-owned Technifold Tri-Creaser Fast Fit Creasing Unit

The Tri-Creaser Fast-Fit transforms a Folding Machine into an all-in-one Creasing and Folding Machine, eliminating the problem of fibre-cracking on the spines of printed and folded products. The built-in settings enable the machine operator to handle any paper material type and thickness to be creased. The split creasing rib technology ensures continuous ease of crease-style changeover.

To fit Technifold, Shoei & Morgana - Numberers, Creasers & Folders.

  • Completely eliminates fibre cracking 100% on stock ranges between 85-350gsm.
  • Produces a crease that is as good as, or better than a flatbed cylinder impression.
  • Works just as well when it creases and folds against the grain as it does with it.
  • No more removing shafts to change crease settings.

Includes - 
1x Male component, contains the split griper crease ribs.
1x Female componment, (fixed) contains grooves in which material is pressed.
4x Blue gripper crease (M-147B) used to crease material weight between 85-270gsm.
4x Support rollers (SH-GB/15-FP-GRIP) to stabalize the shafts allowing the crease to stay consistently straight through the material.
4x Yellow gripper crease (M-146B) used to crease material weight between 250-350gsm.
1x Extraction tool, used to remove the inserts from male component.
Instruction sheet.

Shaft size: 15mm exit shaft, Outer diameter: 30mm.

For more info phone 01908 563149.