Used / Pre-owned SC55 Shrinkwrapper

Used / Pre-owned Minipack SC-55 is an all in one shrinkwrapping machine offering many new features.

The SC-55 is an easy to use machine and has a clear lid for easy viewing of items being sealed. A new micro perforator for continuous and accurate perforation of the shrink film.  Perfect for printers, copy shops. reprographic departments etc for wrapping printed material. The machine can seal and shrink in one operation or just seal.

Easy to use, reliable and solid. Made from an all steel body and will give years of service.

Machine dimensions with open hood - 1260 x 810 x 1310mm
Machine dimensions with closed hood - 1260 x 810 x 1165mm

Please note the below video is NOT the actual machine on sale, this is for reference only.