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Used / Pre-owned Plockmatic 306 Collator + Plockmatic 61 Booklet Maker System

Used / Pre-owned Plockmatic collating and booklet-making system in good condition.

The Plockmatic 306 collator is a 6 station collator with the capabilities to take up to an A3 sheet.  With a full detection system this makes the Plockmatic a very reliable and efficient friction feed collator. It has counting up or preset down counting also batching which is ideal for running pre-set amounts of stock. Ideal for collating booklets or NCR sets.

  • 6 station collator
  • Takes up to A3 paper (min :139x210mm max: 320x450mm)
  • Speeds of up to 3600 sets per hour
  • Sensors on each bin to detect misfeeds, double feeds, empty bin and paper jam detection
  • Max paper weight 200gsm
  • Offset or straight stacking
  • Counting up or preset count down and batching
  • Can be linked to a on-line booklet maker

The Plockmatic 61 booklet-maker, auto cycle, takes up to SRA3 paper, max 22 sheets. Can be connected online with the collator or hand feed off line.

  • A powerful and extremely quiet booklet-maker
  • A3 to A4, A4 to A5 size booklets
  • Auto cycle
  • Up to 88 page booklets
  • Staple and fold 22 sheets 80 gsm
  • Up to 1500 booklets per hour
  • Low staple warning
  • Edge stapling

    Booklets are very cheap to produce as the only binding cost is the two staples per booklet - Rapid 66/6 staples cost around £4 per box of 5000

    Please note the below video is NOT of the machine for sale, this is for reference only.

    For more information please phone 01908 563149.