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    Used / Pre-owned Nagel/Morgana Foldnak F40 Bookletmaker

    Used / Pre-owned Nagel/Morgana Foldnak 40 Booklet Maker, comes with electric delivery stacker, counter and mobile base unit.

    Booklets are very cheap to produce as the only binding cost is the two staples per booklet.

    Foldnak 40 is designed for medium run booklet making, it has a side jogger and back jogger to knock the booklet up before stapling. There are low staple indicators on both heads and a counter showing the number of booklets produced, the Foldnak 40 can produce booklets of up to 25 sheets 100 pages (80gsm) and up to 1500 booklets per hour. A5 to A6 size booklets up to A3 to A4 size, or any size in between. Max sheet size SRA3.

    A6 size booklet

    Heavy duty  stapling heads that will take standard nagel staples or nagel loop staples. Loop staples are ideal for putting finished booklets into ring binders.

    Auto cycle, just drop the booklet in.

    . Up to 1500 booklets per hour.
    . Will produce booklet's up to 100 pages of 80 gsm paper.
    . Electric delivery stacker as standard.
    . Counter as standard.
    . Mobile unit on wheels.
    . Will take loop staples with optional staple drivers.

    Loop Staples

    LOOKING FOR NAGEL 26/6 OR 26/8 STAPLES? Available to order here

    Please note the below video is NOT of the actual machine on sale, this is for reference only.