Used / Pre-owned Nagel 280B Twin Hole Treadle Paper Drill

Used / Pre-owned Nagel Citoborma 280B twin spindle treadle power stroke paper drill in very good condition. This will take drill bit sizes 2 to 10mm with the standard chuck up to 14mm with an optional chuck (not supplied). Adjustable drill distance between heads is 45 - 120mm and a throat depth up to 60mm.

  • Floor standing paper drill.
  • Ideal for 2 hole and 4 hole drilling. Can also be used for single hole drilling.
  • Brand new 6.5mm paper drill bits fitted.
  • Drill bit sizes from 2-14mm available.
  • Teflon and Tungsten coated drill bits available for difficult stocks.
  • Comes with tools needed to change drill bits.
  • Adjustable drill distance and sliding table.
  • Easy to use, foot treadle operated.