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Used / Pre-owned Kas CreaseMatic 150 & Creasefolder

Used / Pre-owned KAS Crease Matic 150 programmable card creaser. Stream fed by hand Blade Matrix style digital card creaser. The crease Matic 150 is designed to fill the gap in the market between desk top card creasers and the fully automatic suction feed models currently available. 

  • Crease up to 2000 sheets per hour with up to 9 creases on the sheet.
  • 5 memories for regular creasing jobs.
  • Simple slide out and turn 4 creasing width tools.
  • A7 to SRA3 and 6 page A4 sheets.
  • Floor standing and mobile.

Some examples of creasing and perforating for the CreaseMatic 150

The Crease Fold has been developed to work on-line with the the Crease Matic 150 programmable card creaser. Manufactuer KAS Paper Systems have produced an affordable, single fold, knife folding machine for Crease Matic creaser customers producing 4 page creased and folded work. Photobook printers will benefit from this single folder together with digital printers who also produce regular 4 page leaflets, greetings cards, covers etc all of which need a simple, single fold after creasing.

The CreaseFold uses the latest high speed fold knife system developed for the Kasfold Sprint Booklet maker, eliminating marketing when folding digitally printed stock. The CreaseFold can also be hand fed where customers are using a desk top card creaser.

  • Single fold (one fold per sheet) online folding unit
  • Simple operation
  • Paper Range - 80gsm to 350 gsm card
  • max sheet length 470mm
  • Fold away conveyor
  • Compatible with CreaseMatic 150P


See short video below of the CreaseMatic 150 + CreaseFolder in action.