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Used / Pre-owned EBA 485 Digital Guillotine

Used / Pre-owned EBA 485, 18.5”, (48 cm), electric guillotine in very good condition. It has a digital readout of the back fence for easy and accurate cutting. Supplied fully serviced with sharp blade fitted blade, blade tool, manual and new cutting stick.

The Used / Pre-owned EBA 485 digital guillotine will cut a full ream 500 sheets of paper with very high level of accuracy. Safety guards fitted to front and rear and complies with new European standards. 

  • Power cut with auto-clamping.
  • Digital display of the back fence.
  • 475mm cutting length.
  • Minimum cut 30mm.
  • Max stack height 80mm.
  • Optical cutting line shows where the cut will be performed.
  • Will clamp, cut and release a ream of paper in 3 seconds.  


Complies with Health & Safety Executive Guarding; HSE safety certificate supplied with guillotine.