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Used / Pre-owned Cyklos GPM 450SA Semi Automatic Programmable Creaser

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This Used / Pre-owned Cyklos GPM 450 SA in excellent condition.

This is a semi automatic creasing machine with easy 'set up' touch screen controls for fast programming of finishing jobs and easy operation, making creasing quick and efficient. The machine can be programmed to specific, custom crease positions in seconds setting up to 15 creases in one pass or even simpler, the GPM450SA comes with unique 'intelligent' pre set positions for standard jobs such as 'half fold', 'Z fold', 'gate fold' and 'spine creasing' on any size of card or paper up to to 450mm width and 400gsm thickness. The machine has been designed to work in today's 'on demand' digital print environment and performs efficiently on digital print toners with 'creasing without cracking' technology.

Featuring its unique 'intelligent' set up for standard crease/fold positions
  • Up to 450mm working width (A2 format)
  • Takes 80-400gsm Creasing
  • High quality digital creasing or perforating
  • Choice of three crease profiles 1.0 - 1.3 - 1.6mm, simple slide out bar.
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Up to 15 creases or perforations possible in one pass
  • Storage memory for up to 5 jobs
  • Automatic set up feature for standard crease jobs
  • Easy superfast setup for book-cover creasing
  • Can be converted for Perforating
  • High quality metal construction
  • European manufactured

Pre-set 'intelligent' for creasing

  • Half Crease (Single fold)
  • One third crease (Z fold)
  • Quarter Crease (Gate fold)
  • Spine Crease (Book cover fold)

The machine can be pre-set in seconds for standard crease positions and works on any size of sheet by automatically measuring the sheet length in conjunction with selected job. 

  • Max. working width 450mm
  • Max. working length 999mm
  • Max. stock thickness 400gsm (creasing)
  • Standard Crease profiles 1.2mm/1.5mm/1.8mm
  • Max. number of creases per sheet 15
  • Min. distance between creases 2mm

Please note the below video is NOT of the actual machine on sale, this is for reference only.