Used / Pre-owned CreaseStream Plus

Used / Pre-owned Tech-ni-Fold CreaseStream Plus is an automatic creaser and micro-perforator. The CreaseStream will eliminate cracking on the crease at high speeds, producing up to 20,000 sheets per hour.

The CreaseStream uses 35mm shafts to hold the crease and perforating tooling. Both shafts are easy to remove to change, add or remove tooling.
The pre-cylinder transport roller, ensures that the fed sheets are accurately transferred to the tooling shafts enabling a precise and consistent work flow.
  • Maximum sheet width of 52cm.
  • Stock range 80-450gsm.
  • Minimum sheet size 165 X 150mm.
  • Max sheet size 520 X 450mm.
  • Automatic Feed.
  • Up to 20,000 sheets per hour.
  • Tech-ni-Fold Crease and perforating.
  • This one has both creasing and perforating to simultaneously crease and perforate without affecting the speed.
  • Extra Tech-ni-Fold creasing or perforating tooling can be added.
  • Mobile floor stand.

All of our pre-owned machines are cleaned, serviced and tested in our workshop.
Images below show this machine going through its checks.