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  • SPC Filepecker 4 (60)

    SPC Filepecker 4 (60) Two Hole Paper Drill

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    The SPC 4 (60) Filepecker twin spindle paper drilling machine is ideal for two hole and four hole ring binder drilling but can also drill single holes. Capable of drilling a 500 sheet stack of paper in two seconds. The drill has adjustable back depth from 3 to 35mm and self centering side guides. As standard the drill comes with 6mm drill bits fitted but there are optional bits sizes from 3 to 9mm. The SPC has an energy saving feature as the motor only runs when the handle is pulled and auto shuts off when in the rest position. Easily adjust distance between drill heads from 45mm to 160mm. Comes fully equipt with program bar bar 2 and 4 hole and adjustable stop bar.

    • Ideal for 2 hole and 4 hole drilling.
    • For single hole drilling simply remove one drill bit.
    • Drills 500 sheets of 80 gsm.
    • Heavy duty, built to last.
    • Equipped with a programme bar and an adjustable stop bar.
    • Adjustable  distance between holes, min 45mm max 160mm.
    • Takes drill bit sizes 3 to 9mm.
    • Tungsten coated drill bits available for difficult stock.
    • Full tool kit.
    • Drill sharpener kit.
    We are the UK importer of SPC paper drill
    Please note the video below is NOT the actual machine on sale, this is for reference only.