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SmartCut A425

The SmartCut A425 is a multifunctional rotary cutter with four different cutting styles.
Straight Cut, Wavy Cut, Perforating and Scoring.
It's very easy to switch between the different cutting wheels, simply rotate the dial on the handle. The SmartCut will handle paper or card.

The SmartCut is more than just a paper trimmer it has many craft uses. Perfect for those smaller perforating jobs, multiline perforations, cross perforation and even 'box' or 'T' perforating is possible. Decal edging to photo's, invitation cards etc.
Maximum cutting length - 300mm
Weight - 1.4 KG
Dimensions - 501 x 108 x 298mm
Short video below of the SmartCut A425
Perfect replacement for the popular Rotatrim Edgemaster / Edge Master machine.