MultiLam Burst 'M' Laminator

The MultiLam Burst M Laminator is an easy to use, high speed, compact desktop machine. It requires no special training or tools and offers very high quality single + double sided laminating with the ability to burst/split each sheet as it exits the machine. An integrated perforation device on both the top and the bottom roller punctures the film as it is unwound and fed into the machine, the burst tool is positioned between the front and rear pull rollers, this splits the sheet using an impact roller and delivers the end product neatly into the catch tray ready for guillotining.

Operators are assured control of the Multi-Lam series with the integrated table sensor, this Infrared Sensor is located directly before the Chrome Impact roller and will stop the machine if a sheet is not present at the input, this simple mechanism ensures that you cannot run the machine without material passing through. The importance of this mechanism becomes clear on single sided applications as without media in the machine the film exposes to the lower roller and wraps around creating a costly and awkward to remove jam on the machine. Standard desktop machines do not have this mechanism which makes them more difficult to use and much slower to ensure that sheets can be fed reliably to avoid errors.

  • High powered infrared thermal heaters (1,400 Watts)
  • Integrated auto burst / sheet separation function
  • Heavy duty chrome impact laminating roller, ensures perfect temperature control at all times
  • High capacity film holders for up to 500 meter rolls of UltraBond (Top + Bottom)
  • Stock size up to SRA3 and up to 400gsm
  • Infrared sensor on tray stops machine if no paper is fed, preventing jams or miss-feeds
  • Capable of single + double sided laminating
  • Encapsulation also possible for sheets up to 330mm wide + films up to 250 Micron
  • 18 stage anti-curl bar with patent roller technology to avoid scratching
  • Built in perforater on top + bottom film roll
  • Clear LCD Display with touch button control
  • Independant speed + temperature control
  • High speed production, laminating up to 4.8 meters per minute / 480 sheets per hour
  • Ideal for laminating both Litho or Digital print
  • Manual feed with infeed paper sensor
  • 25mm + 77mm Core adaptors included
  • 62kg / W-545 x H-640 x D-730mm


Ideal for - Business Cards, Greetings Cards, Book Covers, Invitations, Labels etc