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    Maxx Shrinkwrapper

    The Maxx Shrinkwrapper is designed to apply a thin layer of protective film over a product, seal it and then as needed shrink the film around the product. It can seal and shrink in one operation or just seal.

    The Maxx is an all in one shrink wrapping machine offering many new features made from an all steel body and will give years of service. The Maxx is an easy to use machine and has a clear lid for easy viewing of items being sealed. A new micro perforator for continuous and accurate perforation of the shrink film.

    Perfect for printers, copy shops. reprographic departments etc for wrapping printed material. 

    Chamber Shrink-wrapping machine
    Simple - fast - economic
    The perfect way to wrap printed material.


    • Max pack size: L 450 x W 350 x H 100mm.
    • Production cycle with good quality 1-5P/min.
    • Variable temp, variable closing time, variable film width roll dispenser.
    • Power: 220v 50Hz 1Phase.
    • Production speed: 1-5P/min.
    • Machine size: L 1300 x W 780 x H 800mm.
    • Net Weight: 120kg