Used / Pre-owned Duplo DC445 IFS Creaser-Folder

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Used/Pre-owned Duplo DC-445 IFS is a fully automated vacuum-fed creasing and folding solution perfectly adapted to the requirements of digital print. By creasing the sheet before folding, it overcomes the problem of toner cracking and ensures a visually stunning final document. The set-up is fully automatic, the footprint is small and the whole machine can be run by a single operator.


  • Up to 15 creases in one sheet in one pass
  • Top vacuum feed belt feed
  • 50 sheets per minute
  • 30 memory programme
  • Folder includes two knives
  • Alternative folding/stacking options
  • Comes with manuals

Ensure your customers have a quality creased digital product with no cracking on the folded spine. The DC445 IFS is fast, easy to use and versatile for all your finishing needs. It compliments the benefits of digital print and doesn't require that laborious set up that some more industrial creaser/folders require.

Sold as seen at this bargain price of £5950, call us on 01908 563149 with any questions or if you wish to arrange a viewing.