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CREASE35 / 52-1

DocuCrease 35 & 52 Manual Creaser

The Docu-Crease 35 & 52 is an innovative product available for creasing up to 35 / 52cm, the Docu-Crease is solidly constructed to give years of trouble-free use.

'Superior Results'

The Docu-Crease gives a superior finish compared to rotary scoring. This is because the creasing action crushes the fibres of the material, between a dye and an anvil. The result is a superb crease on substrates which can be damaged by the action of a scoring wheel. The crushing action is a process proven to eliminate cracking of the most difficult materials.

'User Friendly Features'

  • Ergonomically designed for either left or right handed operation.
  • Heavily constructed, yet light in operation.
  • Easy soft grip handle requiring little pressure.
  • The Docu-Crease has two adjustable backstops for multiple creases on the same cover or for repeat jobs (additional backstops can be supplied).
  • Fast, easy set-up with indicator scales showing the position of the creases.