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Auto Tab Cutter O6P+GP

Auto electric tab cutter model 06P+GP with digital control will allow you to create 2-31 tabs/index dividers on any size up to 320mm length. The machine is capable of punching 35-40 sheets 80gsm paper or the equivalent in card or polyropylene at a time. The cutting is activated by foot-switch or auto move to next position, running speed is up to 500 sets of 9 tabs in less than two hours as an example. This model features auto clamping of the stock during the cut cycle. Storage of 15 programmes for repeat jobs.

The machine comes fitted as standard with the 15 degree angle cutter.

Here's the full list of cutter dies:

15 degree, 90 degree, Round corner die, Double round corner 10mm, Double round corner 12mm, Double round corner 14mm, Double round corner 17mm, Inclined double round corner 12.7mm, Inclined double round corner 15mm, Inclined double round corner 19mm

Standard tab samples above or island tabs are also possible sample below.