Cyklos RPM 350 Auto Perforating Machine

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The Cyklos RPM 350 is a dedicated auto perforating machine with auto friction feeding and a maximum working width of 350mm. Easy set up and operation. Sheets are quickly and easily perforated as they pass through sets of rotary perforating wheels. There is also a creasing wheel included for basic creasing.

The Cyklos RPM350 is Ideal for Printers, Copy shops and anyone that needs to perforate paper, thin card or NCR paper. Perfect for lotto tickets, vouchers, coupons, raffle tickets, delivery notes and invoice pads. You can view a short video on the Cyklos RPM-350 further down this page.

Do you need a simple to use - fast perforating machine?

  • Large working feed table for sheet size up to SRA3
  • Auto friction feed with speeds up to 8000 sheets per hour
  • Telescopic feed and delivery table
  • Easy exchange and adjust perforating units
  • Includes two standard 11 TPI perforating sets (Maximum 5 perfs can be used)
  • Includes one creaser wheel
  • A compact solution for offline perforating of short to medium runs
  • Skew and paper thickness adjustment
  • Working width 150-350mm
  • Will handle NCR paper.
  • Min. distance between perfs 10mm
  • Feed stack height 30mm
  • Weight 20 kg
  • Optional micro perf wheels 17 TPI

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We are one of the only UK stockists of the Cyklos RPM 350 Auto Perforating Machine.